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Universal Duct Cleaning is the leading contact air duct cleaning & vent cleaning company in Hampton Roads including Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Hampton, Norfolk, Portsmouth…

Air Duct Inspection

Everything starts with the initial inspection of your air duct system and lines. Your Universal Duct Cleaning technician is trained to take the time to inspect prior to service.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Universal Duct Cleaning offers dryer vent cleaning services. Clogged dryer vents are one of the leading causes of house fires.Allow Universal Duct Cleaning to inspect your dryer vent today.

Duct Repair Services

Universal Duct Cleaning / Mr Clean Duct offers duct repair services when cleaning is not the option. WE can change out your old/dirty lines for new flex-lines. Easy and fast>

Air Duct Inspections

The technicians at Universal Duct Cleaning are equipped to use state of the art equipment such as video and picture scopes that can show what’s lurking in you air duct system.


Our Pledge: If you are not completely happy with any part of your service, we will return and service your home at no cost to you.

Universal Duct Cleaning and Mr Clean Duct are each part of the Universal Pest & Termite family serving Virginia Beach. We are serving Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth Virginia, Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg Virginia and surrounding areas. Allow our family to protect your family and home. Universal Duct Cleaning offers both contact cleaning and reverse air systems. We only use state of the art equipment to remove dust, dander, dead skin cells and other unwanted allergens from your air system. We also providing vent cleaning, repair services, duct work etc.

Air duct inspection

Air Duct Inspection

A Virtual Tour Of Your Ducts – For Free!
At Universal Duct Cleaning, our technicians can see it, we do duct inspections through photo inspections. Which allow us to take a virtual tour of your ductwork and see first hand the problems that exist. Companies that clean without these inspections are flying blind – and leaving their customers at the mercy of their guesswork. We are strongly opposed to this and not only do a photo inspection before every cleaning. But we even do it for free! You, as the homeowner, can see the photos, verify the problem, and make an informed decision about what services you need.

The results of our photo inspection help us to determine what kind of ductwork is appropriate for your situation.

How We Do It – Duct Inspections
Taking photos of your ductwork is not something you can easily do yourself. We come equipped with the latest technology designed specifically for these kinds of inspections. Our boroscope cameras look like slender hoses, which we can easily push far into your duct work and move around with ease. This will give us a comprehensive picture of the state of your ducts.

After the photo inspection, we let you see the snapshots for yourself so you never have to simply take us at our word. Contractors who refuse to let customers see their own photos leave homeowners vulnerable to accepting services they don’t need or approving more expensive processes than are actually warranted by the situation. We believe in being fully transparent and always show you our photos before we begin cleaning.

Air Duct Cleaning Services

Why Air Duct Vent Cleaning?
Air ducts may be out of sight, but they shouldn’t be out of mind when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of your home. Over time, ducts can become caked with dust and dirt or clogged with debris. Allergens, such as cigarette smoke or pet dander can circulate through them. Which is causing potential problems for people with severe allergies, even after the source of the allergen is removed. Moist, warm air flowing through dark spaces provides an ideal place for mold to grow. Even the smallest chink in your duct work can allow insects or rodents to enter and take up residence. This keep your air flow from becoming contaminated and spreading the contents of your duct throughout your home. This is why air duct vent cleaning is so important to you and your family.
How Is This Accomplished?
Duct vent cleaning is next to impossible for the average home owner to do because the majority of the surface area is hidden inside your walls and ceilings. Professional duct cleaners, however, have long snakes, large rotary brushes, and powerful suction systems. Which to go deep inside the nooks and crannies of these ducts, where nothing else can reach. These tools can dislodge and remove even years-old deposits of dust. Also dirt, debris, rodent and insect nests, feces, mold, and more. Call us now for best and effective air duct vent cleaning. We are leading duct cleaning company in Hampton roads and surrounding cities.

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