Duct Repair Services

Duct Repair Services

Air Duct Repair by Universal Duct Cleaning

Duct Repair Services – Switching over to an insulated flex duct line can save on energy. Old metal-style air duct lines with no insulation could be why it is hard to heat or cool a home. Universal Duct Cleaning offers a program to remove your existing supply lines and replace with an insulated sealed flex line.

Benefits of Switching to an Insulated Flex Duct Line:

  • * R8 fiberglass insulation for greater insulating power
  • • Flexible duct is convenient for use in multiple applications including heating and A/C systems and some venting
  • – Oversized core to connect quickly and easily to standard sheet metal fitting
  • * Galvanized core wire for greater corrosion resistance vs. non-galvanized wire
  • • Installed to exact length
  • – Insulated duct features a maximum temperature rating of 200F

Dirty / Old Crawl Space Solutions

Universal Duct Cleaning offers a full crawl space clean-out option with duct repair. We offer to remove all debris, old poly and old air duct supply lines Then sanitize all exposed ground, walls and main supply line. After, we come in and either install a new poly ground cover or an encapsulation system. This encapsulation system includes 12 mil poly and an insulated foamboard that covers all exterior foundation walls. After that we will install new insulated flex- duct supply lines. This service is proven to improve the quality of air under your home as well as saving on heat and AC bills.

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Air Duct Repair

Air Filter Replacement

We offer our exclusive Auto-Filter Replacement program. Thinking to get your filter replaced ?


Air Duct Assessment

Universal Duct Cleaning offers a Free Inspection that includes photos to assess the conditions inside your air ducts.


Eco friendly technogies

We use environmentally safe ingredients, eco friendly electronic devices to protect you against the pest.


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